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Endorfins KS1 Tri/Quad Fins

€ 175.00

Endorfins KS1 Tri/Quad Fins

Trust Kelly to reignite innovation flame in the fin game. The G.O.A.T is back in the game, the endorfins KS1 fin brings back the best selling fin template of all time, in the most futuristic fin construction on the planet.

When the Slater KS1 fin ceased circulation a good few years back who would have thought it would still be one of the best and most progressive fin templates of all time? Who knows, but Mr Slater has bought it back. His ENDORFIN fins use the classic fin shape, with the slightly small centre fin to bring back all the joy of yesteryear. This time the fin is made up of a concoction of pioneering and eco-friendly materials.

These Futures and FCS II compatible fins will fit exactly the same as your normal Futures fin, with the single grub screw fitting at the top of your fin box. Just place them in the box, screw them in and you are good to go!

So… why has Kelly invested so much time and research into this, two main goals, firstly, a better construction for fins, to give more performance and response. Secondly, there is an ECO side to his rational. Diving into the construction first, these surfboard fins are made up of a Carbon Fibre Twill, paired with a non-woven carbon veil and a recycled P.E.T core which when all engineered together gives you a flex pattern that allows you to rip through turns , they don’t feel too stiff and the clever materials give you more hold the harder you push and more bounce back when coming out of a fast turn.

Secondly, by creating a fin that uses recycled materials and that screws in, the aim is to reduce the losing of fins. This combined with the fact these fins are so light that they float means they should last you forever and you should not have them falling out of your board.

In summary, KS has delivered one all fronts, his new fins will make a lot of incredibly happy surfers. Get yours now.

Medium Endorfins Slater KS1 Tri/Quad Fins

Construction:Carbon Twill and Recycled P.E.T

Size:Medium (Approximate rider weight 65kg to 80kg)

Side Fin: Height/Base116.5mm/113.5mm

Centre Fin: Height/Base113mm/109mm

Quad Rear Fin: Height/Base106mm/98mm




Large Endorfins Slater KS1 Tri/Quad Fins

Construction:Carbon Twill and Recycled P.E.T

Size Large: (Approximate rider weight 75kg to 95kg)

Side Fin: Height/ Base119mm/116mm

Centre Fin: Height/Base115mm/ 111.5mm

Quad Rear Fin: Height/Base106mm/98mm


Endorfin fins

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