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Da Kine Hooded Cyclone 6/4 Wetsuit

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Da Kine Hooded Cyclone 6/4 

The Cyclone takes our disruptive design concept to the next level.

Our brief was clear ‚design the best performing wetsuit for fit, feel, warmth and stretch to match or exceed the best in the market, 

but incorporating a level of durability to challenge the expected lifespan of high end wetsuits.

The Cyclone is the pinnacle of our wetsuit program and development.

Featuring all high end materials and construction for surfers looking for extreme performance in flexibility and warmth. 

The full suit is a performance focussed  design. 

The Hexo-Therm lined core and fully sealed seams make these feel warmer than some thicker suits meaning you can go thinner to feel even freer.

Hexo_Therm core

chest zip entry

Smooth seal neck

80% Neoprene, 15% Nylon, 5% Polyester

Men's Wetsuit Sizes

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