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DaKine Cobra Half Hook Footstrap


DaKine Cobra Half Hook Footstrap


The Dakine Cobra Half Hook ankle strap you can get out quickly, if you should crash while kiting.Especially when foiling the falls can be fierce in the beginning. So you do not twist your ankle, these half-foot straps are designed so that you can get out quickly, kick off your board, but still have a good grip on the board. These Dakine footstraps are thickly padded and covered with neoprene. This protects against bruises, but also dries quickly and is quite easy to care for. Fixing made of stainless steel.



dakine cobra halk hook footstrap

The Stormrider Surf guide books

The Stormrider Surf guide books Now available in our Surf shop

worldsurf guide

The biggest, most comprehensive, reference guide to the waves on "Planet Surf" 

The World Stormrider Surf Guide explores every dynamic surf zone known to man, from world-famous beaches to obscure reefs on the fringes of the known surf world. With completely revised and updated text, as well as painstakingly researched maps, this mammoth book is the largest collection of surf-spot information ever compiled. Each zone includes detailed analysis of the surf spots and swell forecasting, plus the lowdown on when to go, weather, accommodations, food, culture, hazards, the local scene and much more. A unique set of symbols and statistics make vital surf information instantly accessible. As an added bonus, The World Stormrider Surf Guide includes a global gallery of professional surf photographs. With over 260 detailed maps and 600 superb photos, this mammoth book is an essential tool and the ultimate surf travel resource for all globe-trotting waveriders.


surfguide europ

By popular demand, "The Beast" is back. In response to customer feedback and general confusion, "The Stormrider Surf Guide Europe" is back in one huge, mind-blowing book. Much like a traditional bible, it seems surfers want both testaments in one place, so "The Continent and Atlantic Islands" books have been combined into 400 pages of pure surf stoke. This book is thick enough to stop a shotgun blast at point blank range, so it's R.I.P. for the box set as this is the 4th coming of "The Stormrider Surf Guide Europe"."The Stormrider Guide Europe" (978-0-9539840-7-7) includes - Iceland & Scandinavia, Ireland, Wales, England, Scotland, Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Morocco, Canary Islands, Madeira and Azores.Fully revised and detailed information covering "The Surf", "Ocean Environment" and "Surf Culture" on a country by country basis. The "Surf" outlines where to go and when to go and demystifies the entire European coastline. "Ocean Environment" deals with pollution, erosion, access and hazards, while "Surf Culture" illuminates the surf scene including history, surf media, contests and localism.
The indispensable travelling information is concise plus there's links to all the latest oceanographic and swell forecasting resources.The entire coastline is accurately mapped in detail, showing where to find the main surfing breaks. Each surf break report outlines how and where the waves break, quality, consistency and the general vibe. The unique Stormrider symbols reveal optimum wind, tide, swell size and direction, as well as wave type and bottom contour. Crowds, hazards, dangerous sea-life, pollution, access and environmental problems are also noted.A picture tells a thousand words so there are hundreds of the best photos of European surf ever compiled. Stunning images in crisp colour from the cream of the world's surf photographers and that extra dimension that makes "The Stormrider Guide Europe" the most detailed surf guide money can buy.


O'Neill wetsuits Fall/Winter 18/19 in Stock now


O'Neill Wetsuits Fall/Winter 18/19 

The surf shop is now fully stocked with FALL/Winter 18/19 O'Neill wetsuits, O'Neill boots, O'Neill Gloves and Hoods.

Get in quick whilst stock lasts.

O'Neill Mutant 6/5/4 boot €60

O'Neill Psychotech 7mm Round toe boot €70

O'Neill Psychofreak 6mm boots €95

O'Neill Psychofreak wetsuit 5/4 ZEN zip €440

O'Neill Psychotech hooded wetsuit 6/4 €400 Mens & Ladies available 

O'Neill Psychotech wetsuit 5/4 F.U.Z.E Zip €360 Mens & Ladies available 

O'Neill Mutant wetsuit 5/4 €360

 O'Neill Hyperfreak F.U.Z.E 5/4 €270

 Give us a call or come and the seen the great range of O'Neill Wetsuit on display in our surf shop or call us to order your suit today


No limitz skinny masts now in stock

No limitz Skinny Masts

If you are looking for the best value in masts, No Limitz is the answer. 

There is no other mast that will come close to our consistency, durability, and value for the cost. 

We engineer and manufacture all of our masts in-house, and have been proven the industry leader for over 25 years. 

NoLimitz is proudly the only mast manufacturer in the U.S.A, delivering quality products worldwide.


The Original Skinny

Sizes: 310cm / 340cm / 370cm / 400cm / 430cm

The No Limitz Original Skinny is the most refined RDM mast on the market. 

The Original is suitable for all sailors from novice/intermediates to hardcore pro wave sailors. 

At 91% carbon content you have the best weight to strength ratio, and are presented with the most durable product available.

All NoLimitz masts are constant curve, with the highest quality materials, and guarantee of durability.

NoLimitz Original 1024x682