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O'Neill Blueprint 5/4+ Wetsuit

€ 470.00


The O'Neill Blueprint 5/4+mm wetsuit is new for this season and is a complete revolution in the design using the high tech construction along with the most eco friendly materials currently available. O'Neill is committed to offering the closest thing to a truly environmentally friendly product. The suit is bursting with features that keep you warm and flexible in the water using all the very latest technology. Being a 5/4+ suit it means that the true thickness of neoprene is 5.5mm on the body and 4.5mm on the arms keeping you even warmer and enabling you to stay super warm and flexible even in the coldest of winter months


We are aware of the environmental  challenges  facing hunamity and the impact the surf industry is having on our playground. That's why we strive to use materials that leave a minor impact on the environment. we do this by expanding the O’Neill Blue Line

Throughout our collection with the O’Neill Blue Label, we ensure that a product is made between 30 and 99% of sustainable fabrics


- Fuze Closure - Chest Zip Entry

- Redzone Water Resisant Zipper

- 360 Barrier With Drainholes

- Plasma Wrist & Ankle Seals

- Stichless Seams

- Technobutter 3X Neoprene Arms & Shoulders

- Chest / Back / Thigh/ Butt: Nova Skin Air Graphene Fire Wall Thermal Lining

- Shin / Calf Technobutter 3 Neoprene

- 0.5mm Extra Neoprene Throughout The Suit

- Aqua Alpha Solvent Free Neoprene Lamination 

Men's Wetsuit Sizes

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