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Blawesome Wetsuit Dryer

€ 195.00

Blawesome Wetsuit Dryer

Blawesome is a compact, durable and portable dryer that gently removes moisture from your equipment in a record time. 

MADE IN EU.(Comes with IE/GB 220V plug)

Dimensions: 428mm x 170mm x 199mm (Due to its size, it may not be suitable for small children's wetsuits).

Weight: 1450 grams / 3.2 lb

Fan design airflow: 290 m3/h or 5000 litres/min

Fan impeller maximum rotating speed: 2,800rpm

Airflow direction: 360º

Optimized safe heating element power: 220v - 590W / 110V - 450W

UL certified Dual Thermostat : redundant temperature controlled switches at 90 ºF / 32ºC

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