AXIS 830 High Performance Speed Carbon Front Wing

€ 625.00

AXIS 830 High Performance Speed Carbon Front Wing

The High Performance Speed (HPS) wings are FAST and glide like no other. 

Designed for the ultimate in performance, but yet easy to ride by most levels of riders. 

Since the HPS wings use their own foil section with less camber and narrower chord, 

we developed the black fuselage that will accommodate all the HPS and future performance front wings.

The HPS wings are the ideal performance wings for WINGING (all sizes),  DOWNWIND (larger sizes) and TOWING (smaller sizes). 

High level riders they also SUP, PRONE, WAKE, WINDSURF and KITE foil the bigger sizes, while the smaller sizes are perfect for TOW, 

freestyle WINGING and KITE foiling.

This is a new generation of front wings made for FAST performance riding, 

while they are still stable and predictable with enormous amount of glide and great turning.

The HPS wings are compatible with all the sizes of the Black fuselages. 

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