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Travel Cover SUP - Surf


 Travel Cover SUP - Surf

More suited to traditional surf outlines, the SUP Surf has a more pulled in nose and tail profile. 

Using a narrow side wall allows us to overcome differences in outlines of surf orientated boards by providing adjustability through side cinch straps. 

Built in out Travel Cover construction for extra padding and durability.


Internal Tie Down - Secures the boards to the structure of the bag

Light Weight Design - Lightweight materials minimising excess baggage

Internal Pockets - keep smaller accessories secure and easy to find

Accessory Pockets - Extra storage for extensions, bases etc

Fin Sleeves - PE lined foam sleeves to separate and protect individual fins

Velcro Secure Tab - Minimise and shift or loss of fins from sleeves

Side Pocket - large side pocket for smaller accessories

Screw Pockets - 3 individual pockets for the fiddly bits

Multi Fin Slots - Optimized to suit a broad range of board brands and models

Torsion Straps -Torsion straps to secure a tight fit around the boards

Carry Handles - Up to 4 conveniently located handles depending on cover size

Optional Shoulder Strap - Anchor points for a shoulder strap

Fin Slot - Allows the fin to remain in the board while stored

Air Vent - Enables the bag to breath venting excess heated air

Address Label - Enter your contact details for use when travelling

Drag Patches - Heavy duty diamond embossed PVC at the nose and tail

Screw Driver Recess - Self contained section to fit 1 screwdriver

Foldout storage pockets - A concealed section folds out for access to screw pockets

Tapered Design - To minimise bulk fin storage is layered to the outline of each size

Backpack carry straps - be more mobile when packing lighter loads

Fin Slot Cover - When use of the fin slot is not required

Rail Guards - PE lined foam protects the boards rails from zip damage

Adjustable Shoulder Strap - Balanced and adjustable to cater to any weight paddle

Adjustable Sheath - The outer sheath can be adjusted to suit specific shaft length

Blade Guard - PE lined foam protects the blade edge from zip damage when stored

Fin Stash - Internal pocket to store fins, wax and leggies

Concealed Shoulder Strap - When not in use the shoulder strap tucks neatly away


600D Polyester - Used top and bottom for long lasting durability

600D PVC - placed in areas to provide support and structure to the frame

Reflective White Tarpee - Deflects light from the surface to minimise heat absorption

Rip Stop Nylon - centred around areas of high wear

10mm Padding - High density thickness for maximum protection

6mm Padding - lighter padding for every day use and protection

Internal PE Fabric - PE lining reduces moisture absorption

YKK Plastic Zippers - #10 sliders eliminate corrosion and jamming up with sand

FO Pull Tabs - #10 moulded sliders for ease of grip and polished look

Foam Sleeves - Extra foam sleeves for added protection between boards


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