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RIP CURL E-Bomb 4/3mm Hooded Zip Free Wetsuit

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RIP CURL E-Bomb 4/3mm Hooded
Zip Free Wetsuit

Introducing the Rip Curl E-Bomb 4/3 Hood Zip Free Wetsuit.
This ultimate suit is designed to maximize stretch and stoke while keeping you at the optimum temperature.
The E7 and E6 thermo lining neoprene keeps you toasty warm and gives you unmatched flexibility in the water.
With critical stress point taping and E6 tape, this suit has reenforced strength and durability.
Sealed cuffs keep cold water from rushing in, and an external key pocket makes securing your key easy.
Surf to your potential in cold water with the E-Bomb 4/3 Hood Zip Free Wetsuit.

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