JP Surfboards SUP's now sporting FCS II fin system


Our new JP Surfboards Custom SUP's are now sporting the new, quick and easy FCS II fin system.

The New FCS II sysytem allows a qucik and easy fin change without the need for any tools.

Also available FCS II Infil Kits, transform FCS II to use you exisiting FCS fins

call for more details about available fins

JP SUPS 10 Medium

Torq Surfboards on sale in the surf shop, Co kerry, Ireland

Torq Surfboards on sale in the surf shop

These great value surfboards will keep novices and experts surfing for many years with these high performance and durable shapes

TORQ surfboards represent a revolution in Epoxy surfboard technology. Built using the latest in EPS/Epoxy materials; the torq technology combines a lightweight EPS core with Biaxial fibreglass cloth, Epoxy resin and our unique Shield Skin.

The high tech TORQ composite is constructed in the most advanced molds on the planet – precision CNC cut from a single aluminium block – creating the most perfect reproduction every time.

Our unique combination of advanced materials and high tech construction creates a board that performs at a high level – offering lightweight shapes with responsive flex – but also offers extraordinary durability and strength; ensuring your new torq surfboard will keep you stoked from your first wave to your last.

Available in 6'3" & 6'6" Fish, 6'8",7'2",7'6" ,8'0" Funboard/mini mal & 9'0" Longboard 

All come with future fins

Please call for more details 066 7139411


Matuse Wetsuits TUMO wetsuit coming soon to our surf shop

Matuse TUMO 5/4 Hooded wetsuit coming soon

Tumo Hooded 5/4MM Full Suit

The Tumo is named after the Buddhist meditation Technique where naked Monks sit in the snow, underneath a wet blanket, and dry-it-out with their own body heat. So jump into the coldest environments.

The Tumo's got you covered even if you don't meditate.


Average Water Temperature Range

42°-54° Fahrenheit. 6°-12° Celcius. (This is an average. Personal tolerance for cold can shift this water temp range.)


A powerful trio that provides durability, flexibility and cushy softness for your skin.


Angled front-entry system gives you a VIP pass into your suit but leaves water standing at the door.


Provides board traction and makes you bulletproof—at least against the wind and cold.


Geoprene with built-in air chambers that act like mini-pressure cookers combined with your body's radiant heat. Warmer, lighter and more buoyant than average mouse-pad oil-based neoprene.


Inspired by Jet-ski suits, this panel is designed to withstand many-a-swell spent straddling. Better yet, the Saddle Seat's form-active design keeps your undercarriage happy because it won't ride up.


Won't snag; doesn't suck (up water) and is butter soft. This hydrophobic material (i.e., it rejects moisture) is your windbreaker in the water.


Located just above the outer left knee. Includes elastic loop cord, mini-pocket and zipper closure. This allows you to get into your car without having to remove the top half of your suit.

2nd Hand watersports equipment for sale in Co Kerry, Ireland

2nd Hand watersports equipment for sale

We are currently updating our website to include 2nd hand watersports equipment for sale at our surf shop in Co Kerry, Ireland.

Check out the Surfboards, windsurfing equipment, SUP's, wetsuits and much more.

our 2nd hand stock changes all the time so please call jeremy if you can't see what you're looking


2nd hand windsurf board 001 Small

SUP Board bags for sale in Surf Shop, Co Kerry, Ireland

Creatures of Leisure: Slim SUP board Day Bag now in stock

Creatures of Leisure's slim fit Surfboard Bags have now become the industry standard. Creatures redesign of the traditional surfboard day bag (turning a near 2 dimensional object into a 3 dimensional one) is the superior solution that surfers the world over have been waiting for! The key to their surfboard bag success lies in the expandable sidewall, its unique design allows excess material from the remainder of the cover to be trimmed away, reducing the overall size of the Surfboard Bag by at least 20%. (design used in this SUP Day Bag) In addition, a slim fit bag tightly encases the board inside, providing improved protection without unnecessary bulk or weight. Slim fit Surfboard Bags are a patent pending/registered design and another world first innovation from Creatures.   The Creatures of Leisure Slim Fit Stand Up and Paddle Day Bag offers incredible protection without all the bulk! This day bag features 5 mm closed cell padding, 600 denier polyester rip-stop fabric, a stash strap and heat reflective silver poly fabric, and a tough lockable metal zipper. The Creatures of Leisure Slim Fit Stand Up and Paddle Day Bag is a 20% smaller Day Bag that will blow your mind.

Creatures of Leisure - €125

SUP Slim Fit Day Bag: 9'0" (max. width 34")

SUP Slim Fit Day Bag: 9'6" (max. width 34")

SUP Slim Fit Day Bag: 10'6" (max. width 34") 

creatures SUP day bag at jamie knox watersports surf shop


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