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Build your own AXIS foil

Build your own AXIS foil

 We have a great selection of AXIS Wings, AXIS mast and fuselages to get you Winging, Kiting or Wind Foiling

Choose from the HPS or BSC Front wings, Red or Black series fuselages

Get in touch and we can put together the ideal AXIS foil for you and you chosen sport  

Call 066 7139411 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Take off with Wing Foiling on the Maharees in 2021

Really take off in 2021 with some wing foiling

Wing foiling lessons and rental 

In the Surf Shop 

GA Posion Wing 

F-One Strike Wing

Axis Foils

Axis Boards 


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O'Neill Wetsuits

O'Neill Wetsuits 

O'Neill Wetsuits arriving in the surf shop shop very soon

Winter, Spring and Summer wetsuits

Kids wetsuits 

Adults wetsuits

O'Neill Hyperfreak F.U.Z.E 5.5/4, 4/3+ & 4/3 Overknee

O'Neill Epic 5/4 

O'Neill Reactor


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Firewire Surfboards now in stock

Firewire Surfboards Now in Stock in our surf shop

We have a great range of Firewire Surfboards and can we Order boards on request, Subjext to stock 

Current Firewire favourites

The Gem  9'1" Longboard

SCI Fi 2.0

Slater Designs Flat Earth

Machado Seaside

TJ Everyday 9'4" Longboard 

TJ Pro 9'0" Longboard


Greedy Beaver

Firewire Slaterdesigns FlatEarthFirewire THE Gem longboardFirewire Greedy beaver