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Keep warm this winter with O'Neill Wetsuits

O'Neill Wetsuits

The surf shop is now fully stocked with FALL/Winter 17/18 O'Neill wetsuits, O'Neill boots, O'Neill Gloves and Hoods.

Get in quick whilst stock lasts.

O'Neill Mutant 6/5/4 boot €60

4794 Mutant654 Boot 720x720 72 RGB

O'Neill Psychotech 7mm Round toe boot €70

4977 4978 PsychoTech RT Boot 720x720 72 RGB

O'Neill Psychofreak wetsuit 5/4 ZEN zip €440

4983 ED6 F WEB

O'Neill Psychotech hooded wetsuit 6/4 €400 Mens & Ladies available 

4985 L43 F WEB

O'Neill Psychotech wetsuit 5/4 F.U.Z.E Zip €360 Mens & Ladies available 

5028 EA3 F WEB

O'Neill Mutant wetsuit 5/4 €360

4762 EA6 F WEB

O'Neill Hyperfreak COMP Zipperless 5/4 €270 


5005 CW5 F WEB

 O'Neill Hyperfreak F.U.Z.E 5/4 €270

5002 A00 F WEB


Come and the seen the great range of O'Neill Wetsuit on display in our surf shop or call us to order your suit today

Surf Ears 2.0 in our Surf Shop

SurfEars 2.0

SurfEars, an earplug made for surfers that let sounds sound in and keep water out.

Comes with changeable parts in different sizes that allows you to customize them for your ears in order to find a comfortable fit.

Now in stock in Our Surf shop on The Maharees, Castlegregory, Co Kerry


Bic Surfboards Back in the Surf Shop

BIC Surfboards

We now have the ever popular Bic 7'9" Natural Surf 2 in stock at the surf shop.


In 1994, BIC SPORT revolutionized the surf industry with the first ever industrially produced surfboard: 

the 7’9 Natural Surf. Until then, surfing had been reserved to a limited number of people. 

This game changer made the fun of surfing accessible to everyone with this easy to ride shape by Gérard DABBADIE, 1975 European Champion.

After 23 years of production in our French factory in Vannes (Brittany), several graphics changes and close to 100 000 boards sold, this shape remains an icon for any surfer.

BIC SURF 7 9 history

SMIK SUP boards at the Surf Shop

SMIK SUP Boards available at the surf shop


SMIK SUP's have Landed, choose from the E-Sea Rider, Style Lord, North Freo Long Mac, North Freo Short Mac, Spitfire and Hipster Twin SUP

"To call something smik in Australia is a pretty big claim, which we're prepared to stand up to."

SMIK stand up paddle boards offer a stylish, simple, performance oriented range of the highest quality stand up paddle boards. 

Designed  to enjoy the vast beauty of our aquatic landscape, from our beautiful rivers, playful beachbreaks or harness the power of our reefs.

eseardier smikSUPsmikSpitfireSUPSMIKlogo

short mac

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