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O'Neill Winter Wetsuits arriving soon in the surf shop

O'Neill Winter Wetsuits arriving soon in the surf shop

We will be taking delivery of our Fall/Winter 15/16 O'Neill wetsuit stock mid to late August.

call us to reserve you new winter wetsuit today.

Coming soon:

O'Neill Psychofreak 5/4 ZEN zip €420

O'Neill Psychotech hooded 6/4 €400

O'Neill Psychotech 5/4 F.U.Z.E Zip €340

O'Neill Mutant 5/4 €320

O'Neill Psycho 1 5/4  ZEN Zip €300

O'Neill Superfreak Hooded 6/4 €260

O'Neill Hyperfreak COMP Zipperless 5/4 €250

O'Neill Epic 5/4 €190




ION Ballistic Socks now in stock

ION Ballistic Socks 3/2 now in the surf shop

The awesome ION Ballistic sock is the best way to get that barefoot feel whislt still staying protected.

Features include: 

Ballistic Sole: super resistant ARAMID sole protects against sharp mussels, coral reef and other sharp objects
Internal split toe: eliminates the spongy feeling in the toe area (execpt the Ballsitic Toes: these shoes even have the external spilt!)
Segmented sole: strategic cuttings enhance flexibility of the sole
Barefoot Feeling: 3rd generation of the ultimate combination of warmth and barefoot feeling!
Panda_Paw: a new and softer rubber used as a mid sole increases the abrasion resistance
Tatex_Glue: all GBs_seams are sealed outside with extra tatex_Glue for best water proofness
Donut_cuff: made of one piece of Neoprene provides slick cuff sealing without seams
Velcro_loop: detachable water sealing Velcro loop around the shaft
GBS_Seams: water sealing for all seams
Grip print: gives you just the right friction in footstraps

get you pair today, call +353 (0)66 7139411


Join our Surf and windsurfing clubs this summer

Summer surf and windsurfing clubs

Learn to surf and Windsurf this summer with our clubs and lessons.

With the school holidays not far away why not book into one of every popular Summer Surf and windsurfing clubs.

Surf Clubs run Monday - Friday 10.30 -12.00 throughout July and August

Windsurfing Club run Monday - Friday throughout July and august but times vary week to week due to tidal movement

€90 per person with all equipment included

Call 066 7139411 or book online to reserve your space

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Giant SUPs land at Jamie Knox Watersports

Giant Stand up paddle boards arrive at Jamie knox watersports

We are happy to say that our 2 Giant SUP boards from O'Shea stand up paddleboards have arrived. The "Jumbo" SUP measures 16' long and 4' wide with enough room for 6-8 adults (depending on people's balance).

They have ben getting a great response with our school tour customers, Youth groups and families.

Jamie Knox Watersports Jumbo SUP Large


Surf Shop all ready for 2015

Surf Shop tweaked to showcase all our great Wetsuits, Surfboards, windsurfing equipment and accessories

We have recently remodelled the surf shop to really show off the great wetsuits, surfboards, surf leashes and much much more.

We stock many quality brands such as O'Neill Wetsuits, Matuse Wetsuits, Alder Wetsuits, JP surfboards, TORQ Surfboards, Blue Dot Surfboards, JP SUPs, O'Shea iSUPs plus great accessory brands such as O&E, Creatures of Leisure, Da Kine and surf co repair kits.

wetsuits at jamie knox watersports Small

surf shop hardware Small

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